About Me

I spent twelve years in Admissions for the University of Chicago. As a member of the senior leadership team, I led international and multicultural admissions, presented at conferences and high schools, and chaired the admissions committee. I have met and worked with hundreds of students and families and have a keen sense of the unique characteristics that help a student stand out in a highly selective application pool. 


Since 2018, I am focused on using my experience and knowledge to help students and families through the complex – and often confusing - college search and application process.  


I hold a BA from the University of Virginia in Economics and a BS in Information Systems and MBA from Washington University (St. Louis). I am a provisional member of HECA. 


I can’t thank you enough for your guidance. Alex submitted his application last night.  He will have a much better opportunity having received constructive feedback from you. He may not get in, but he feels proud of his work and at the end, that’s what counts. The college fit has to work both ways. This has been a really a great learning experience for me too.  He has two more applications with supplemental essays. I think the others will be easier now that he’s had this experience.  

-Debbie, Alex's Mom


I provide comprehensive, personalized counseling for students (and parents) to help you through the college search and application process. 

I typically begin working with students in 10th or 11th grade. 


I adhere strictly to the ethical guidelines of the professional organizations to which I belong. I cannot guarantee admission to any institution, nor do I have any financial arrangements with colleges for placement of students. I do not write essays for students; I help them find their voice and guide them in the development of their essays.

Academic and Extracurricular Planning


College Research & Selection


Guidance on Application Strategies and Preparation 


Essay Brainstorming and Feedback


SAT/ACT Planning


Interview Prep


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